Femke Riley

I’m not sure if you’re excited or scared.. or, maybe both! I don’t know if it was planned, or if it was a total blessing in disguise.. either way, CONGRATULATIONS! I know one thing is for sure -> I’m excited for you, and I will help you through it as much as possible! .. Or.. Try. Or help. I’ll be here for you.

The first time I got pregnant we were trying for a couple months, and I wasn’t expecting it to be “the” month.. but it was, and of course I was excited and I cried and I yelled and I almost shit my pants because I was also scared! OMG! There really was a human growing INSIDE of me. INSIDE… of ME! I was going to become a parent, I was going to be caring for a tiny little human that would totally depend on me.. Shit, I could barely take care of myself. (just kidding... kinda) How was I going to do this?! All of a sudden I had a lot of doubts and I wasn’t sure if this was really what I wanted.. Although I also kinda knew that I was made to be a mom, and that I would be awesome at it.. There will still doubts.

I’m sure you know the feeling. Even if you have been trying, and trying and trying.. it is still scary when it really happens – but it will all be ok. I promise.

Now the fun part.. TELLING EVERYONE!

To make it a little easier for you – I made a list of 10 pregnancy announcements you can use – for your husband, your mom, your dad, your grandparents, you name it!

announcement ideas

  1. Family shirt set – “The Dad” – “The Mom” – “The Baby”
    $59 – Find it here
  2. Digital Calender
    $4.99 – Find it here
  3. Tea in a fun tin with announcement
    $4 – Find it here
  4. Bodysuit for husband with personalized years
    $15 – Find it here
  5. Puzzle “Pink or blue? Either will do!
    $10 – Find it here
  6. Can coolers with personalized title
    $5 – Find it here
  7. Mugs – “Grandma” “Grandpa”
    $27 – Find it here
  8. Tshirt “Oh baby baby”
    $25 – Find it here
  9. Keychain
    $ 20 – Find it here
  10. Baby booties
    $18 – Find it here

announcement ideas