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Mommy & Me Subscription

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Please note! For the January subscription - any infant sizes will have a darker red shirt not the exact match as mom! 

 Needless to say, we LOVE matching with our little ones. So much - that we definitely would want to have 12 matching sets a year, that match the holidays, but also fun every day life stuff! 

We're coming to you with our matching mommy & me subscription service. You sign up with the size for mama, and the size for the child (with the option to add additional child shirt(s)), and we will make sure that we bring a smile to your face every month. 

The set includes FREE shipping (!), and you will get charged on the 5th every month. The shirts ship between the 5th and the 12th every single month - or, if you sign up after that date, within 5 days of purchase.

Our adult size shirts will always be on unisex tees, so please be aware of that when ordering. We always recommend sticking with your regular size for a comfy fit, or sizing down for a tighter fit. Our kids shirts are printed on unisex tees as well, and fit both boys and girls! Please note that we screen print the shirts, and we cannot make any changes to them.

As we will not always use the same brand of shirts for adults/kids, the colors might not match exactly if we use the same color shirts - however, we will make sure they look great together! 

Some of our shirts run a little different, instead of the "12m" you might get a 12-18M, please note that we measured these with our actual 12M, and it's the same size.

Please make sure to subscribe before the 5th, if you'd like to receive that months tees. 
For example;
you subscribe January 4th, you will be charged $25
Your Valentine tees will ship anywhere between the 5th and the 12th.

January 5th, you will be charged $25
Your February tees (St. Patrick's day themed!) will ship between the 5th and 12th. 

Other example;
You subscribe February 22nd, you will be charged $25
Your spring-themed tees will ship between the 22nd and the 29th.

March 5th, you will be charged $25
Your hoppy-themed tees will ship between the 5th and 12th

Sign up between December 5th before January 4th - Get our New years-themed tees.

Sign up between January 5th - February 4th - Get our loved-themed tees.

Sign up between February 5th - March 4th - Get our luck tees.

Sign up between March 5th - April 4th - Get our hoppy-themed tees.

Sign up between April 5th - May 4th - Get our Mother's Day themed tees.

Sign up between May 5th - June 4th - Get our 4th of July themed tees.

Sign up between June 5th - July 4th - Get our summer themed tees.

Sign up between July 5th - August 4th - Get our matching fun tees.

Sign up between August 5th - September 4th - Get our fall tees.

Sign up between September 5th - October 4th - Get our Halloween themed tees.

Sign up between October 5th - November 4th - Get our Thanksgiving themed tees.

Sign up between November 5th - December 4th - Get our Christmas themed tees


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Please allow 2-5 business days to get your order ready and 2-5 business days after that for shipping.

We are located in Avondale, Arizona.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love the Concept

I love matching with my son! The shirts a very good quality

But, the kid sizes run very small. And some brands of the shirts used are smaller than others. I have sized up for my son but some months its fits others it's very snug.

Needs improvement

I would really like to review the shirt before purchasing to decide whether or not I like the shirt for that month. I’d like to be able to skip a month if I don’t like the design. I do love the matching tees though!

Love our matching tees!

Great quality and fun designs each month. Such a fun treat!

Love! Worth it!

Run small for kids sizes but love them! So cute.

Christmas shirts

My girls and I love these! Can't wait to match during the Christmas season.