About us


I'm so excited that you're here with us and want to learn more about who's behind the brand. Purchasing from online companies is scary, and we understand that. We are real people, with a real business, and would love nothing more than to give you the best tees and matching sets that you can feel comfortable in!

My name is Femke (Pronounced: Fem-ka). Besides being a wife to an amazing husband and mom to 2 tiny little monsters (I mean, cute little kids), I run Penguins & Pineapples, design every single shirt you see - and most of the time still physically make them as well!

Penguins & Pineapples was created in July of 2016, in our 1 bedroom apartment in Goodyear, Arizona. I converted the dining room to a little office, and from there on out we always had to eat our dinner on the couch (or on our balcony if the weather was not too hot!). 

After we found out we were pregnant with our son, Harvey, in the winter of 2017, we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment, literally across the street, where I - again - converted the dining area into my office (this time a little bigger!).
A 3rd floor apartment is not fun if you get at least 3 boxes full of tees delivered every day, and have to carry your orders down the stairs (with a baby on your other arm!) . And so when we found out we were expecting another one, we decided it was time to start house-hunting, where we could have a dining room AND and an office for this "little" business of mine. 

Right before Emmy was born, we moved into our very first house, and made the office (and garage, where I kept the inventory) ready. From there on out I got so busy, that I couldn't handle it by myself no more and so we decided to hire my very first employee! We weren't sure if we would be ok with having business/personal mixed, and so we converted our garage to the office! All inventory was there already, and with a mini split, and some electrical upgrades, it truly felt like our first "real" space. In the busy time, we were running around with 5 employees.. in a 2 car garage + inventory + computers and presses.. Let me just say; It was fun AND crazy!

In the beginning of 2021, I was able to retire my husband from his corporate job - and since then we're running the business together. He keeps the crazy in me grounded and makes sure everything runs smoothly! 

After a year of working out of the garage it was time to move the business out of the house. Not only for my mental health, but also because it was literally taking over the whole house. We had boxes everywhere. In September of 2021 we moved into a 6500 square foot warehouse in Avondale, where we still operate from now! + We're actually making a little store front, so if you're local.. Please keep an eye out on our facebook/instagram as I will make an announcement when we open! 

Why Penguins & Pineapples? Well.. I don't really have anything else to say besides the fact that I love Penguins.. and Pineapples.. So that was a decision that was made very quickly.

I just want you to know that I truly appreciate you, our customer, and you're truly making a difference by purchasing from a small business!